Yoga Pants review – Power Flex Yoga Pants

This is a Yoga Pants review of Prolific Power Flex Yoga yoga pants

Price: $12.50 – $25.99

Purchase on Amazon in your size from XS – XL

Customer rating – 3.8/5 stars

Compression Yoga Pants

The best thing about these is the compression. It is important when you work out that you help the blood return effectively to your heart to circulate throughout your body.

This is important especially for anyone who has a problem with varicose veins. Other features of compression include:

  •  compression leggings are made to hold your body tight for a fast workout recovery therefore feel/run a size yoga pants
  • Reducing the time taken for muscles to repair themselves
  • Helping relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness
  • When the right amount of compression is used (will vary depending on body area), Improving venous return and oxygenation to working muscles

Fold Over Yoga Pants

  • High waist can be folded over
  • No muffin top
  • fashionable ombre design
  • many colors
  • range of sizes
  • machine washable and dryable
  • choose between the ankle length and the capri length

I like the fact that you can fold the waist down or keep it up. I have a problem with having a waist come up high enough and this fixes that problem.

Product Specifications

  • Comfortable with plenty of stretch
  • Many colors available
  • Well made and constructed
  • Stylish “ombre” colors
  • made of 65% Nylon, 30% polyester and 5% spandex

I really think these are a great value. I did receive mine quickly from Amazon. I have Amazon Prime and these are ready to be shipped out from Amazon’s warehouse. So if you have a Prime Membership you will receive them in 2 days with free shipping. If you spend $35 you can get free shipping also.

These come in so many colors and they have a cool stitching pattern running down the leg. The only thing I don’t like aboutblack yoga pants them is that I find they are a little revealing for me. I do like them though. You can buy them and if you don’t like them you can return them to Amazon without any problems. Amazon has great customer service.

Customer Reviews and scores

These Yoga pants have a 3.9/5 stars overall.Average customer review scoreAs you can see 55% of customers gave these yoga pants a 5 star review. Out of 682 customer reviews over half were satisfied.

Some of the complaints were that they ran small, another customer said that they came up too high. However, even in the more negative  reviews they did like the overall look of the pants. They come in so many colors.


colors available for prolific yoga pants







I purchased the Fushia and I have to say that they are super comfortable. However, I think a size medium is a little too large for me. I was surprised because I was expecting them to run small because of some of the reviews.

When I put them on it was very easy. I did not have to pull and tug as with panty hose. They are thick and soft. I like the stitching pattern running down the side also.

fushia yoga pants reviewIt looks like I don’t have them pulled all the way up but when I did that they did not fit right so I felt comfortable like this. I am also high waisted and appreciate an 11” rise so the fold over is perfect for just coming up to  my waist.

I will be returning these and getting the black ones. I think the fushia color lends itself to revealing a little too much. They are not feeling like compression either. This is why I will order the small.

yoga pants review fushiaThis is another customer image of the fushia.

Overall I like these yoga pants.



I like these yoga pants even though I am sending mine back and getting the small in the black color. The customer reviews reveal that some people find they run small. I did not find that. I usually order a medium but am going to return these for a small.

They are well made and have a cool pattern running down the legs. They are thick and soft. I did not like the way the fushia color reveals. However, you can show off your curves in these!

The material is Nylon, Polyester and spandex. Any type of exercise you want to do you would be able to do in these. They certainly could double as running around in pants too. There are many colors to choose from and you can machine wash and dry. You can choose ankle length or capri.

I personally give these yoga pants a 4/5 review score overall.

There is one thing I just noticed. I paid $14.75 for the fushia but I actually ordered the Coral. I think they are so close in color that they may be the same! Pick your color to order.

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  1. Wonderful review! I do yoga often and it is so had to find comfortable pants, but also ones that are cute enough to wear in public! I might have to get a pair of these seeing as they are so adorable and come in so many colors! I really love the black and white striped one I will look into those.

    1. Hi Hailey,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I also love Yoga and am too constantly looking for cute comfortable Yoga pants. These are cute and come up high enough for me and also fold down if if I want. I like the fact that they come in a large variety of colors also.

      I hope you enjoy them. Let me know how they work out for you.

  2. Cool article! I had no idea that compression pants also help with recovery time…that was new news to me! I practice yoga, and am quite a legging aficionado. I am so surprised at how affordable these are! I also love the ombre look. I haven’t really seen any ombre leggings before. Awesome post! Thanks for the info and for helping me learn something new today 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes compression is great. I also feel more energetic as I am working out when I am wearing compression Yoga pants. I hope you try them.

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