Effective ab workouts for women

Could working the ab muscles be the key to looking younger? Women over 50 years old tend to have sagging and poochy abs especially lower abs.  I have found these effective ab workouts for women that really worked for me. It is the aging process that causes us to lose muscle and gain fat and in all the wrong places.  You don’t have to settle for it! You can do something about it. Not only will you look younger with firm and shapely abs, but you will also improve your posture and health. What is the best exercise for a flat and firm midsection? I can tell you what worked for me. Try the exercises and get the best abs of your life no matter how far you are over 50 or how long it has been since you have done any ab exercises.

Daily ab workout- 2 minute abs

We can work our abs every day and to get the flat and firm abs that we want. Do at least  2 minutes of daily ab work. If you don’t miss a day you will be so surprised in just a few days. Do all movements slow and controlled. Also, visualize the muscles you are working.  

  • 30 seconds slow crunches. Lying on back gently support head (Do not pull on neck) Slowly lift chest up then slowly lower.image
  • 30 seconds raise legs to hip height with knees bent. Slow crunch to side aiming shoulder to opposite knee as other leg extends outward. Always slow and controlled.
  • 30 seconds plank. Turn over onto knees and elbows. Slowly raise to toes keeping back straight.image
  • 30 seconds side plank. 15 seconds each side. Turn to side on elbow and knee raise yourself off of floor. If you can raise off of knee onto side of foot. Also if you can, raise top leg. Keep body in a straight line. 

There are more workouts I will be sharing with you so check back often. Start with these as they are among the most effective workouts for women.