Workouts to tone abs – for women over 50

If you are a woman over 50 and want to keep your abdominal muscles toned and firm then you must work your abs frequently. I work my abdomen every day for a few minutes. When I am at the gym I see women skipping the ab routine after body pump and I wonder if they are working their abs at another time that day. I have put together some great workouts to tone abs aimed at women over 50 but can benefit anyone.

If you are serious about getting and keeping your abs flat, firm and toned then these workouts are for you.  Your form is key so its best when first starting to look at yourself in the mirror.workouts to tone abs

There are many good ab workout routines. I personally think these are the best to get your abs toned in the least amount of time. It is really important to work the abdominal muscles everyday. Other muscles you work usually every other day but abs you can and should work every day.

To have an effective ab workout target the muscles you are working.Lets take a look at the muscles of the abdomen.

Rectus Abdominis

This is the most superficial abdominal muscle. The Rectus Abdominis runs down the front of the abdomen. Its role is for flexing

workouts to tone abs

our body forward. This is the muscle that when it shows (when you don’t have any fat covering it) it looks like a “six-pack”. Sometimes this muscle even though it is strong, can have a bulky look because when you work it it grows thick. If you have any fat on top of it then it will look thicker.

To exercise the Rectus Abdominis do movements that flex the body forward.


leg lifts


full sit ups


External Abdominal Oblique

The external abdominal Oblique muscles are a pair of muscles that have muscle fibers that run in an oblique pattern. These workouts to tone absmuscles are superficial muscles and lye on the sides of the rectus abdomonis.  If you suck in your abdominal area you are contracting these muscles. Contracting these together also can result in flexion of the body. When you do crunches you are also using these muscles.  Contracting only one external abdominal oblique muscle results in lateral flexion and rotation of the trunk of the body to one side or the other. When you bend to the right you are using the right external oblique muscle and visa versa.

To work the external abdominal oblique muscles do exercises that flex the body forward and flex and rotate to the sides of the body.


side crunches


Internal Abdominal Oblique

The internal abdominal oblique muscle lies under the  external oblique. It is broad, thin and irregularly four sided and lines theworkouts to tone abs walls of the abdomen stretching around to the front. The action of these muscles can pull the pubis area up toward the breastbone.  They also work individually working the body from side and rotating. These muscles aid in digestion by compressing the abdominal contents and in forced expiration. (pushing air from the lungs).

To work the internal abdominal oblique muscles do exercises that flex and rotate to the sides of the body. You are working both internal and external oblique muscles when you preform crunches and side crunches.

How to target the lower abs

The lower abs are the lower part of the abdominal muscles discussed above. To strengthen these muscles in particular we need to concentrate on specific types of exercises that target them.

The Plank (The bomb!)workouts to tone abs

the plank is getting on the elbows and toes on the floor with the back held straight. Hold this position for as long as you can. Each time you do it hold it a little longer than the time before.

Sliding mountain climbers

adding on the plank you can get on the hands and toes. Then bring each knee toward the opposite shoulder. Continue this movement for at least 10 to 15 reps. Keep abdominal muscles contracted. Make sure to breathe. Do

not hold your breath! The muscles need oxygen to preform.

Side plankworkouts to tone abs

Get in plank position on elbows and toes then turn to side raising your arm toward the ceiling. Continue turning on one side for 6 to 8 reps then turn to other side for 6 to 8 reps. Your options are to be on knee if you cant do side of foot.

After doing several reps, then turn to side and reach to ceiling.


Sounds easy? try it for a length of time.  Lye on your back and raise legs and begin to make bicycle movements. Keep abdominal muscles tightened. bicycle for as long as you can.

Leg raises

Lying on your back press small of back to floor. Raise legs in a straight line then lower.  Do 8 10 10 reps keeping your lower back pressed to the floor. If you cannot keep your lower back from raising up, don’t lower your legs all the way down to the floor.

Reverse crunches

Lye on back and bring legs up to make a right angle. Raise hips off floor straight up to ceiling. Try to make the movement come from the hips only straight up not toward your head. Do as many as you can.


Crunch upper and lower together into a C form. Lye on back. place hands to support neck. Never pull on your neck. Bring shoulders off of floor at the same time lift legs with knees bending toward shoulders as you crunch.

full sit-ups

Lye flat, tighten abdomen as you sit straight up. Try to keep legs straight if you can.  As you sit up reach for your toes.. Do 6 – 10 reps

Side crunches

Lye on side with knees bent. Place fingers to temple on side facing up. Place hand on floor on side facing down. Raise upper torso toward hip facing up. Do 8 – 10 reps on each side.


These workouts to tone abs should be done at least every other day at the very least. I recommend them every day. The abdominal muscles are the only muscles that benefit from working them out every day. They tone up the abdominal muscles within just a short time. If you do these every day for just a few days you will be able to see and feel the difference.

These exercises will help you firm and tone but if you need to lose fat from your abdomen they cannot help very much. To do that you will still need to  eat healthy and clean.

Get a Stamina X Hyper Bench and take your ab workout to the next level. This is a  great piece of home equipment to make your ab workout easier.

You can also get a great ab workout on an exercise ball if you have one. They are not expensive and are great for not only ab work but also stretching and balancing.

Please let me know if you have tried these workouts to tone abs and if you have any questions or if you have any workouts to tone abs you would like to share. I would love to hear any comments you have.





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  1. Nice article. I like the way you laid the suggested exercises out. I’m wondering… after childbirth (2), how easy it it to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles? I’ve never been able to get it back the way it once was. 🙂 I eat well and cut out the junk food years ago…but no matter how much yoga or exercise I do, it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

    1. Hi Jackie thanks for your comment. To answer your question after childbirth it may be harder but not impossible to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Target the lower abs the most as these are the hardest to affect with exercise. You would benefit from intensive core work also. Do you frequent a gym? If not you can certainly do this on your own at home. It would be easier for you at a gym as you have instructors and classes you can attend.

      At home start with leg raises and bicycles. C crunches and scissors kick. For scissors kick lye on back and press lower back to floor. Raise legs slightly off floor and do a scissors motion. Do as many as you can. Also do planks and my favorite the – sliding mountain climber. Do as much as you can every day.

      With dedication and a little time you will be pleasantly surprised. The key is every day.

      I hope this helped you. Please let me know your progress! I would love to hear about your toned abs!

      Check back often as I will be adding some videos.

      Many Blessings

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