The Best Diet Pills for women over 50

As a women over 50 you may find you have gained weight (more around the middle) want to know wThe best diet pills for women over 50hat the best diet pills for women over 50 are. As estrogen decreases muscle decreases. This muscle loss can actually begin after 30 but escalates with each passing year. If that’s  not enough, after 50 metabolism slows down. An increase in weight usually what happens. If you are thinking about a little help from diet pills, make sure to do your research. Along with a little help from diet pills you could exercise and use a workout belt. See my review on the best ab workout belt.

Prescribed diet pills

There are several FDA approved diet pills on the market. Check with your doctor if you want to find out more about these and to see if you are a candidate for one.  Weight loss medications are usually based on BMI, a calculation that takes your height and weight and calculates health risk for obesity. A BMI 30 or over is considered obese.

In 2012, Osymia(a combination of phentermine and topiramate)  and Belviq was approved and in 2016 Belviq XR a once daily form of Belviq was approved. Both of these are controlled substances. In 2014, Contrave which is a combination of Naltrexone and Buproprion in extended release form. Saxenda was also approved in 2014.

Stimulant diet pills such as Adipex-P (Phentermine), Bontril SR and Diethylpropion (phendimetra

The best diet pills for women over 50zine) are controlled and are approved for short-term use for up to 12 weeks. These can lead to drug dependence and abuse with long term use.

Anti-Obesity medication can alter the human body processes to help with weight loss but diet and exercise remain the fundamental way to lose weight for anyone whether under or over 50, women or men.

Over the counter diet pills

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”110″ identifier=”B000OWLNBY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”super50-20″ width=”110″]Alli is a lower dose form of the prescription drug Xenical.

Alli reduces dietary fat by 25% and so reduces the number of calories consumed. It has been found to be only modestly effective. Expect to lose about 3 to 5 pounds each year over and above what you would lose with diet and exercise alone.

Check with your doctor before taking Alli if you have diabetes, thyroid disease or taking a blood thinner. There are also some side effects that could be serious such as liver injury. Other side effects are loose stools and gas with stomach pain.

[easyazon_link keywords=”Green tea Extract” locale=”US” tag=”super50-20″]Green tea Extract[/easyazon_link] is an herbal diet pill that many women take and it helps them shed pounds. Although a lot of caffeine is in green tea extract there are formulations you can get without the caffeine. Green tea is well known for its fat burning capacity and it also has potent antioxidants in there. Green tea has been consumed for more than 5000 years for its medicinal purposes according to the Maryland Medical Center. It has more than two times the antioxidants than vitamin C! I really think that is awesome (phenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanidin)

Buy the bestselling [easyazon_link identifier=”B013XKP3TG” locale=”US” tag=”super50-20″]Green Tea Extract[/easyazon_link] from Amazon. [easyazon_image align=”right” cart=”y” cloak=”y” height=”160″ identifier=”B013XKP3TG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”super50-20″ width=”160″]

[easyazon_link keywords=”Hoodia” locale=”US” tag=”super50-20″]Hoodia[/easyazon_link] is a flowering plant used for an appetite suppressant. It is also known as “Bushman’s hat” and grows in South America and Nambia. You can read these reviews here.

You can also purchase pure Hoodia Powder[easyazon_image align=”right” cart=”y” cloak=”y” height=”109″ identifier=”B00GW47PS8″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”super50-20″ width=”110″] from Amazon.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is sold as a health supplement for weight loss and some bodybuilders use it. It has some anti-cancer benefits also. There are no solid studies showing that it does help in weight loss. You can also get CLA in beef and diary products. It can raise bad Cholesterol unless it is from GRASS FED animals. You can also find CLA in some mushrooms. The easy way to take CLA is in supplement form.

Buy [easyazon_link keywords=”conjugated linoleic acid” locale=”US” tag=”super50-20″]conjugated linoleic acid[/easyazon_link].

Bitter Orange has been shown to help in weight loss. It comes from bitter orange peel. It works similar to ephedra and it canThe best diet pills for women over 50 have some possible serious side effects like ephedra did also. As it raises heart rate and blood pressure and can interact with medications. As with any supplements you intend to take talk to your doctor before doing so. [easyazon_link identifier=”B019BLL566″ locale=”US” tag=”super50-20″]Buy Bitter orange[/easyazon_link].

Garcinia is a fruit native to South America and the Amazon basin. It is a popular choice for weight loss and in Brazil it is being investigated for possible anti- cancer benefits. It is in some over the counter diet pills such as Hydroxycut, Leptoprin and Xango. It works as an appetite suppressant. Buy Garcinia.

There are many many others that you can find over the counter. However, all the over the counter diet pills can be put into either one of these categories: Appetite suppressants, fat burners, Fat blockers and increased energy and metabolism. You can find all of them here.

Bottom Line for a woman over 50

Getting older is no fun in any department and the weight department is especially horrid for us! To get control of the problem and at the same time be good to ourselves and stay healthy, it takes focus and paying attention to our bodies.

The absolutely best and most healthy way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. If you are only a few pounds over weight you possibly just increase your activity. If you want to take any diet supplements, talk to your doctor before doing so if you are on medication or have any medical conditions.

As a woman over 50 myself, I have a sensitive stomach. I really can’t take many of the diet pills as most does have that side effect of a possible upset stomach. I recommend CLA or green tea extract. These are my favorite along with a cup of coffee before working out. I find that they work the best for me. I also try to watch my diet and I exercise regularly.

Why I like conjugated linoleic acid or CLA – my pick for a woman over 50. As our bodies does not make this  fatty acid and it as needed health benefits besides helping us to lose those unwanted pounds. You can get CLA from red meat and diary products. The best diet pills for women over 50However, make sure your meat and dairy comes from GRASS FED animals. Otherwise, the red meat is not as healthy. The best way is to take a supplement. There are different brands and you can look at them here.

If you are wondering the healthy benefits of CLA other than helping lose a few pounds, it has been studied and has shown that in animals it has beneficial effects on Cancer, Asthma, Cardiovascular disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Osteoporosis. CLA does what we need, reduce body fat and helps build muscle, the two main things a woman over 50 needs.

Why I like green tea extract or just drinking green tea. Green tea has many benefits and one of which is helping increase metabolism. Green tea contains naturally occurring EGCG and polyphenols to provide antioxidant support. Green tea also has anti-cancer benefits. I have a friend and because of her history of Melanoma, she was told by her dermatoligist to drink green tea every day for the anti-cancer benefits.

Green tea also has been shown to lower the incidence of death from cardiovascular disease, stroke, and helps lower blood The best diet pills for women ovfer 50pressure! It also decreases cholesterol and inflammation! I drink green tea everyday and also take the supplements. I find it has a beneficial effect on my energy level also.

Get some Green Tea or Green Tea Extract.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Talk to your doctor before taking any supplements and the recommendations I give are for information purposes only.

If you are obese and in need of losing a lot of weight, I recommend seeing a weight loss specialist for guidance. However, if you just want to boost your metabolism and need help along with diet and exercise in losing a few pounds, the best diet pills for women over 50 that will be beneficial to you I recommend conjugated linoleic acid and green tea extract.

Of course, if you are a lot overweight, you may want to talk to your doctor about prescribed weight loss medication. Also, since Alli is a lesser dose of a prescribed medication, you may want to try that but be aware of all of the possible warnings and side effects. You can read about that here.The best diet pills for women over 50

Buy Alli. Alli is the only weight loss medication that is approved by the FDA.

These three are the best diet pills for women over 50 in my opinion. Of course, this is always in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise.  Check out the best buy on Vitamix.

Check out my unbiased review of The 3 Week Diet for losing weight fast.

If you have any experiences with diet pills, please leave me a comment. I would love to hear your experiences. Also, if you have just a comment about this article or a question for me, leave me a comment in the comment section below.




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  1. My wife is over 50 but there is no way she would take diet pills. Often the challenge is that for years many have been following a nutrition plan than isn’t suited to their body type.
    My wife and I find that the Eat Right 4 Your Type program is very good. That means that eating more protein, especially lamb and beef, not only helps her with weight management but it has a massive impact on mind health.
    That could be an interesting angle for you to explore on your website.
    Thanks for the info,

    1. Hi Duncan,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I think that is a good choice to NOT take diet pills as the very best way to lose weight for women over 50 and also everyone is through eating a sensible diet and an exercise plan.

      I am not familiar with the diet program that you mentioned but if it is a balanced diet with more protein as you mention I think it is a good way to go as it is true that as we age more protein helps with maintaining and building muscle.

      Grass Fed Beef is the most healthy if you are going to eat beef. It has more CLA. I think drinking a cup of green tea would be good for her also. It is healthy in so many ways.

  2. I’m no woman lol, but I do have a mother who is over 50 and complains about the weight she has gained. All of my life she was a small woman, and she still is, but she now likes to refer to herself as being “soft in all the right places” lol!
    I’ll have to mention to her to check out this site and look into Alli, as I believe that it could work for her along with a more active lifestyle and a stricter diet.

    1. Hi Christian,

      Thanks for your comment. I hope your mother is being active and eating healthy and sensibly with more protein than carbohydrates and fat. I wrote this article on senior muscle loss that she may be interested in. It is so important to stay strong as we age.

      If she is looking into Alli, have her talk to her doctor especially if she has health issues. She could also try conjugated linoleic acid and/or green tea extract or just drinking green tea.

      Have her contact me if she has any questions or if I can help in any way.

  3. Hey there, this is some great information about weight loss.
    I think that modern medicine is very useful for helping us lose weight. However, in my opinion, it is always better to choose the natural solution. I definitely agree that green tea is always a great choice to boost your metabolism.

    1. Hi, Anthony,

      Thanks for your comment. I also think the natural way is always the best way especially when it comes to weight loss.

      I drink a cup of green tea daily. It is so good for you in so many ways and boosting metabolism is a great bonus! I also exercise daily and try my best to make good choices when it comes to meals.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your comment. It is a very short comment but reveals that your appetite needs a little curbing. I hope you find the right supplement to do just that. Sometimes we all need a little help with curbing our appetite!

  4. I have been taking the Lady
    Soma Fiber Cleanse (2 pills half hour before each meal) for a few weeks now, it did feel to me it took a few days to notice a difference. I did feel less hungry and could not finish any meal. I did have more energy as well and that is what I was looking for. I should of started with a
    Lady Soma Detox first, I believe I would of felt the benefits sooner if I had chosen that route in the beginning.

    I have lost 6lbs since starting so that is better than nothing 🙂

    1. Hi Paulette,
      Thanks for your comment. Congratulations on your weight loss. That’s fabulous. I love to hear success stories. I have not tried Lady Soma myself however, fiber does help with hunger by keeping your feeling full.
      A detox may have kickstarted your weight loss effort. To add to your success, stay active and strong with a healthy diet and exercise.

  5. I’m 56 and I counted calories for 5 months no soda,no bread,no sweets more steam vegetables I only lost 4 pounds and I walked everyday for a hour I weigh 181 I was 185 and I’m 5ft1 I need help my blood pressure usually stays at 169/76 my cholesterol is 230 what diet pill can I take

    1. Hi Kim,
      I see you have some health issues. It may not be a good idea for you to take diet pills. I would urge you to speak with your doctor regarding diet pills. I can say, however, that you can try joining a gym and get into some classes. I don’t know what type of classes you would like, but there are many. You may like line dancing, or just walking on the treadmill. You will benefit from the social interaction also.
      I know of some ladies that are in weight watchers freestyle and it is a very healthy diet. I personally like the Dash Diet as it is the best all-around diet for everyone. The Dash diet will help lower your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol.
      If you can’t join a gym, maybe you could get a treadmill to use at home. I think if you up your exercise, even lift weights as more muscle burns more calories. Getting enough sleep is important also.
      If you really want to take diet pills, be sure to speak with your doctor before doing so. I actually like Chia tea with green tea. You could also try green tea extract. This would probably be safe for you to take. I wrote about mulberry leaf extract also being good for blocking carbs.
      I hope this has helped you and please let me know how you are doing or if you have any other questions. Good luck to you and don’t give up!

    2. Wow Kim we are in the same boat. I am the same age and in about my 8 yr of menopause . I am 5′ 2″ and 220. I just got my blood pressure down to 142/84 and cholesterol is at 214. I cut out all breads, pastas, and sweets and hike an hour almost daily but can’t seem to lost the weight. I have tried so my pills so please let me know if you have found anything to work for you. I was just thinking on trying Skinny Gal. Lets keep in touch

      1. Hi Terry,
        I’m Cynthia and I so appreciate you visiting my site. I think you are on the right track cutting out sweets, breads and pasta. Wow and you hike, that’s impressive. The only way now is to count calories. You could add some of the thinks I talked about in the post like Chai tea. I have recently come across a system you may be interested in. I also did a review on it recently. It has a special spice tea that will help. It also has a meal plan. Let me know what you think and check back often as I will be writing more weight loss articles.

  6. Hi I’m 62 years old and use to be active and slim, I’m 5’10 and about two years ago my health changed and so did my weight. I have been watching what I eat and what time I eat and never eat anything after 7:00pm. You see I go to be at around 9:30pm and get up at 4:00am to get ready for work. I drive a school bus and work during the day at the district. But no matter what I do I have been putting on weight and now my knees and hips are so painful it hurts to walk and move. Is there anything you might can suggest I try.

    1. Hi Cherie,
      I am so sorry you have been putting on weight. There are so many who have the same problem. You are are the right track not eating after 7 pm. Make sure you don’t eat in the morning before 7 am to give your body a full 12 hours fast. Sitting like you do driving the School Bus is so bad for weight control.

      I know you can get this under control. I would suggest that you try to exercise when you get off. Join a gyn or get a program at home. You could start with a walking program. This is the best for your weight control is to be more active. It is a known fact that sitting too much is detrimental to health. Don’t forget that healthy foods are important too.
      Good luck to you Cherie and please let me know how you are doing. I promise I will help you in any way that I can.

      Many Blessings,

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