My Personal Reviews of Products and Services

There certainly is no shortage of products and services that claim to help a woman like me keep their abs in shape. There are thousands of products and services that claim to help flatten abs and tone and tighten the belly. It can be a daunting task weeding through to find the product or service that really works. I have made it my mission to find those products and services that really work.  I work hard to bring you reviews of products and services that add real help toward the goal of flat abs or might I say super abs.

About my Reviews

I have been working on keeping my stomach flat for a very long time. After my second back operation in 2012 I really had a challenge as I have a rod in my spine that does not allow me to bend much at waist level. This has been a task to get my stomach flat again. It also used to be  a lot easier when I was younger.  I have tried just about everything. I have made a commitment to try and help those women who share my effort and have the goal to get and keep great abs and a flat stomach no matter what their age. I do reviews with the goal of gaining real results.  

If I review a product or service that you have had experience with I would love to hear from you of your experiences with that product or service. Also, if you would like me to review a product or service for you I would be more than happy to.  Just leave me a comment below and I would be happy to feature a review in near future.