how sleep affects metabolism

How sleep affects metabolism

  Have you ever lost sleep or had a restless night and noticed you wanted to snack more the next day on unhealthy snack foods? Your fat regulating hormones may be out of whack. Getting enough sleep not only gets your hormones out of whack but also affects part of the brain that controls hunger…

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Abdominal fat after 50

Abdominal Fat after 50 – What can you do? If you have been struggling with abdominal fat after 50 you are not alone. I have the same problem along with many others. Abdominal fat occurs when  you eat too many calories and are inactive and  also when your hormones are out of balance. For a…

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tips to lose abdominal fat

Tips to lose abdominal fat

If you are over 50 and a woman, you know it can be a challenge to look good and feel good by having a nice flat abdominal area. If you are carrying extra pounds chances are most of them are around your waist. Keep reading for my tips to lose abdominal fat and expose those…

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