Foods to avoid for flat abs

Being aware of the foods to stay away from is key in keeping abs flat. High carbohydrate  foods  are the first foods to avoid for flat abs .I Sweetsmake sure not to buy a lot of  junk foods. If they are not in my pantry, I won’t have the temptation. I am a big fan of all sorts of snacks. There are others that are not so obvious. So the first one is:

Sugary foods

These are number 1 on my list of foods to avoid for flat abs. I think of these foods as “No Nutrition” foods. Examples: candy bars, cookies, pies, cakes.  There are some healthier options to these I will be sharing with you soon.

Processed foods

Oh for love of salty snacks! Potato chips, Pretzels, crackers, corn chips, You get the picture. Most of these are loaded with processed white flour and salt. These seem to go immediately to the abdomen!


Alcoholic drinks are super bad for your waistline. They are imagemetabolized as sugar and have no nutritional value. The best for your waistline and your organs is not to drink.  Always drink with your health in mind.

Sugary drinks

Soft drinks or Soda pop, sweet tea, fruit flavored drinks, all have a lot of sugar and are to be avoided. I love tea in the summertime so I make it at home without sugar. Also, don’t forget those sugary coffee drinks. No more daily stops to coffee shops!

Fast foods
Burgers, pizza, shakes, ice cream all all on the list. These are full of fat.  I don’t frequent fast food places unless there is a healthy option on the menu. These places are usually full of saturated fat and high in calories. I like to reward myself after a hard workout but realize a nice high protein smoothie is a delicious option to these.