Exercise Ball ab workouts for women

You can do these at home or at the gym. They are the best [easyazon_image align=”right” cart=”y” cloak=”y” height=”400″ identifier=”B00K5VUQRG” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41nBUZSp94L.jpg” tag=”super50-20″ width=”400″] ab workouts for women that I have come across. The Exercise Ball also called the stability Ball is a very simple piece of equipment but a very important one. You can not only work your abs on this but also do quite a few other exercises with it. You can also replace your office chair with an Exercise Ball!

Benefits of using the Exercise ball for ab workouts

Thinking about the benefits of using the exercise ball for workouts not just ab workouts, I find myself thinking about my spine. Since so many folks have back and spine issues I like to list this at the top of the list of benefits.

Your back and spine benefit

Not only can you work your abs which is what we are concentrating here but as you do you are working your muscles around your back and spine. When you use the exercise ball the lower back is supported. That means you can work out the muscles around your back and spine more effectively without doing any harm to your painful areas. The support of your lower back is super important as you workout.

Not only does the exercise ball help you work out your abs but there is no other

exercise ball ab workouts for women exercise equipment that gives you instant relief to your back when you lie on it.

Muscle Balance benefit

Muscle balance is very important. That’s why when doing a workout working opposing muscle groups we work both sides or groups of muscles.  It is common to concentrate on the front (anterior muscle groups) of the body and neglect the back(anterior muscle groups)  of the body. The exercise ball helps us to work out both anterior and posterior muscle groups while giving support to the lower back.

 Posture benefit

The exercise ball forces you to keep your balance as you work out on it. This helps your posture. Posture is very important to keep pain at bay. The exercise ball helps you keep the natural curve of your spine intact.exercise ball ab workouts for women

Core benefit.

Your core. What is it really? You may be thinking around your middle. Well yes pretty much you are right. Your core includes the muscles around your abdomen and back. They are the deep muscles that give your body stability as you move. They are the muscles of the trunk. They include:

Just! by sitting on the exercise ball you are working your core muscles! I love that. Instead of a chair, sit on the ball, you will be working your core as you sit!

These muscles are very hard to reach otherwise. Sitting on a workout bench or chair you do not work these muscles. While sitting on the exercise ball, bring your feet closer together to give yourself a challenge.

When you first sit on the ball, you may feel unstable. This is because it takes strong back and abdominal muscles to keep your balance on the ball.

Right size exercise ball for you

It is very important to use the right exercise ball for your body to get the very best workout.

  • 4 ft. 6 in. and under (137 cm. and under)  – 12 in. (30 cm) size ball
  • 4 ft. 6 in. to 5 ft. (137 to 152 cm) – 18 in. (45 cm) size ball
  • 5 ft. 1 in. to 5 ft. 7 in. (155 to 170 cm) – 22 in. (55 cm) size ball
  • 5 ft. 8 in. to 6 ft. 2 in. (173 to 188 cm) – 26 in. (65 cm) size ball
  • 6 ft. 2. in and over (188 cm and over) – 30 in. (75 cm) size ball

Rule of thumb when working out on the exercise ball:

The farther away the ball is from your core, the harder it is to maintain your balance. For example, if you wanted to do a push up on the ball, if you lie on the ball on your thighs, it is easier to do the push up. Move the ball to the shins and that increases the difficulty.

Safety Precautions:

Use the correct size ball for your size see above. Also make sure you consult with your doctor before preforming these if you have been told to take any precautions. These exercises are tricky especially if you have not done them before.  They can also be quiet intense. As with any exercise precautions, if anything hurts when doing them stop.exercise ball ab workouts for women

Make sure you wear the proper attire. You will need non slip workout shoes and a surface or rug that does not slip.

Always keep proper alignment with your spine. Look straight a head and don’t pull on your head or neck.

The routine: 10 reps

3 sets for beginners

5 sets for intermediate

7 sets for difficult

Make sure you rest for 2 minutes between sets.


  • Lie on your back on the exercise ball and place your hands behind your ears.
  • Roll your shoulder blades up and lower yourself back down after a short pause.
  • To avoid straining your neck, look straight up instead of looking at your knees.

Ball side crunch

  • Lie on your side against the exercise ball, arms across your chest, legs extended and feet wide apart to give you balance.
  • Raise your upper body up from the ball and lower it back down after a short pause. Alternate sides Exercise Ball Ab Workouts For Womenafter each completed set.
  • Breathe out while contracting your ab muscles and breathe in while returning to starting position.


  • Lie on your lower back on the exercise ball and place your hands behind your ears.
  • Raise your upper body up from the ball and lower it back down after a short pause.
  • Breathe out while contracting your ab muscles and breathe in while returning to starting position.


  • Place your ankles on top of the exercise ball, legs extended, chest facing the floor and extend your arms to lift you from the floor.
  • Keeping your weight on your extended arms, roll the ball in by bending your knees and hips and extend your legs back after a short pause.
  • Breathe out while rolling the ball in and breathe in while returning to starting position.

Ab Roll out

  • Lie on your knees, place your hands on top of the exercise ball in front of you, arms extended and back straight.
  • Keeping your back and arms extended, roll on top of the ball until your upper arms are pressed against it and pull yourself back up after a short pause.
  • Keep your arms extended and your back straight throughout.

Table Top

  • Lie on your knees, place your forearms on top of the exercise ball in front of you, elbows at 90 degree angles and back straight.
  • Raise your knees from the floor by rolling forward on the ball until your legs are fully extended and return back after a short pause.
  • Keep your back straight throughout.

Bridge T – Fall-off

  • Lie on your shoulder blades on top of the exercise ball, knees at 90 degree angles, back straight and extend your arms out to keep balance.
  • Roll off the ball slightly to one side and return back after a short pause. Alternate sides between each repetitions.
  • Keep your back straight throughout.

These are some of my favorite ball exercises.There are so many.  For more check out this video:

Make sure if you are a beginner, stick to the ones I have written out. When you master them, then move to the more advanced moves. These are just some of the great exercise ball ab workouts for women. There are of course other ways to work your abs and I work mine everyday either on the exercise ball, at the gym,on the hyperbench, or at home on the floor.

Your abs is one group of muscles that actually benefit if you work them everyday.

Along with other exercises such as cardio which you could incorporate into your week by walking in your neighborhood or indoors on a treadmill. It is super important to work at keeping fit as you age because of  the muscle you are loosing as each year passes. Muscle loss actually begins after 30!

Do you work your abs frequently? If so, how do you work your abs? Have you tried the exercise stability ball? If so, I would like to hear about it or if you just have a question or comment.






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  1. I’m always too scared to do exercises on the ball and if I ask my mom she would run away from home!LOL
    SO do you have a way where in I could slowly introduced his to my body and allow it to get used to exercising using the ball because personally I find it really difficult to get used to it and I would try finding alternatives.

    1. Hi Shrey,

      Thank you for your comment. If you want to start exercising on the ball, start by only sitting on it. After you are comfortable sitting, just move back a forth and in a circular motion. That’s exercise just by itself!

      It will only take you a short while until you begin to feel more and more comfortable on the exercise ball. I actually use it to work at the computer!

      Yes there are alternatives to the exercise ball, but the exercise ball is tremendously effective and it is worth a try. Just be careful and begin only with sitting before doing any advance moves.

      Have a look at my post on strength training and workouts to tone abs. These would be good alternatives if you don’t like the exercise ball ab workouts.

  2. I totally agree with this website about core workouts for women. I think core workouts are the best type of exercise that you could do. Could you tell me what is the difference between the exercise ball and sit ups or crunches? I think that they both could benefit our bodies but in different ways.

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks so much for your comment. The core workouts on the exercise ball works many more muscles than just sit ups or crunches.

      As you do the exercises on the stability ball, you are also working the deep muscles that surround your spine and pelvis as well as abdominal muscles and upper back muscles with some moves.

      I hope you try it because it is good for men too! Once I do just a few of the ab exercises on the ball, I can feel and see the difference immediately.

      The exercise keeps your spinal curve stable better than sit ups and crunches also.

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    This is a perfect article for me! I didn’t realize that using an exercise ball had so many benefits! I certainly didn’t know that just by sitting on the exercise ball you are working your core muscles!!

    The exercises that you have given are wonderful – the video is great too!! I am seriously contemplating getting an exercise ball now!

    I really appreciate the safety tips you’ve given and it’s great to know how important it is to get the correct ball size. Where would be the best place to get one?

    Thank you so much for this post – I learned a lot!

    Take care and best wishes,


    1. Hi Anna,

      Thanks so much for your comment, It is great that you are interested in the exercise ball for workouts. You will not be sorry. The exercise ball ab workouts are so effective!

      I am so pleased you liked learning about the exercise stability ball and my exercises. They are some of the best when it comes to exercise ball ab workouts.

      You can easily get an exercise ball at many stores. One of my favorite brands is Black Mountain.Black Mountain Products PSBLUE 55CM 55 cm. Professional Grade Exercise Stability Ball, Blue“>

      Let me know if you have any other questions or if you need any help with the ball or exercises.

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