Easy Weight Training For Women Over 50 – Dumb bell Sets

If you are over 50 you are losing muscle if you are not actively trying to keep muscle. It’s not hard to begin no matter what level you are at the present time. Dumb bell sets for easy weight training for women over 50 is a good place to start.easy weight training with dumbbell set for women over 50

Even if you have been sedentary for all your life, it is never too late to start gaining strength by just easily lifting dumb bells every other day in a routine.

Dumbbells are not expensive and they don’t take up much space. Amazon Basics Dumb Bell set is the perfect home equipment to get fit and strong with.

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Easy Weight Training For Women Over 50 With 20 Pound Dumb Bell Set

Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumb Bells

These Dumbbells are perfect for a woman over 50. They not only look great but they will make you look great too! I began my strength training with dumb bells after my initial Rehab after Spine Surgery.

I particularly like these dumb bells because they are made of neoprene, are colorful and come with a rack. They actually are a best seller too.

Amazon Dumb Bell Set Is Easy To Travel With Or Use At Home

This colorful dumb bell set comes with a rack that is easily assembled and holds the weights. This weight stand holds the heavier weights on the bottom and lighter ones on top. The dumb bell weights are colorfully displayed on this weight rack keeping them not only on display but also easily accessible.Easy weight training for women over 50 - dumbbell sets

Take them with you when you travel so you don’t miss a workout or just use them at home.

Colorful Neoprene Coating For Easy Grip

Amazon Basics 20 pound dumb bell set helps make your workout easy. Each dumb bell has a neoprene coating. Neoprene is very stable and can handle a wide range of temperatures. Neoprene also makes these dumb bells easy to grip and hold on to.

The colors are pink, rose and yellow. Pink is the 2 pound, rose are the 3 pound and yellow are the 5 pound. They are really colorful and that makes it easy to grab the right amount of weight that you want to use.

Amazon Basics Dumb Bell Set Features

So easy to begin with, these dumb bells will enhance any workout that you do. Easy exercises for chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps can be done in the comfort of your own home. Take them with you for a walk.

  • 2, 3 and 5-pound hand weights
  • easy to assemble weight stand includedeasy weight training for women over 50 - dumbbell sets
  • Neoprene coating for easy gripping
  • Color coordinated for easy identification
  • Great for resistance training
  • 20.5 pounds


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Customer Reviews and Scores

Amazon Basics Dumb Bell Set has over 1300 customer reviews and is in the top 10 on the Amazon Best Seller list. This weight set has a customer review score of 4.5 and over 35 questions are answered. You can check out the reviews and questions here.

The negative reviews that were given were on the stand. They said the stand is flimsy. I also saw where the neoprene coating caused a mark on someone’s table. However, that is what the stand if for. Overall, most people thought these were comparable to some more expensive neoprene dumb bell weight sets.

You can buy Amazon Basics Dumb bell sets here.

Here are a few easy exercises you can start with:

Bicepseasy weight training for women over 50 - dumbbell sets

Begin standing and face a mirror. Pick up a set of dumb bells and hold your elbows close to your waist. Work your biceps by bringing the weights to your shoulders. Keep your abdomen tight and do not sway. Hold your body steady as you work your biceps. Do 3 sets of 10, to begin with, and work up to 20 repetitions for each set. If you find that this is too easy, use more weight. Work your biceps every other day and you will be surprised how fast you get stronger.


Work your triceps also, we want to be balanced! Bend at the waist slightly and with arms bent at sides, lift the weight towards the back and straighten your elbow. Keep shoulders back and down and relaxed. Do 3 sets, to begin with of 10 to 20 repetitions. This exercise will get rid of your bat wings! You can try a heavier weight here also.

Shoulderseasy weight training for women over 50 - dumbbell sets

For shoulders, pick up your weights, and with elbows bent raise the weights to the ceiling. Keep your elbows high, you don’t have to bring the weights all the way down. Do the same repetitions as above, 3 sets if you can of 10 to 20 reps.

Here is a video of a lovely lady showing these exercises plus more. The only thing is don’t do these every day. Your muscles need time to recover and repair, so rest in between. I also note that she is bringing her arms low on the shoulder exercise. However, try to keep your arms high when coming down. This is more effective.

Dumb Bells For Easy Weight Training For Women Over 50

If you are over 50 this is the easiest way to begin training if you have been sedentary for a long time or maybe after a trauma and surgery like me. I still use dumb bells today but I am strong enough to use 8 and 10 pounds now. However, I still use 5 pounds for some repetitious exercises for my shoulders.

This Amazon Basics Dumb Bell Set is a Best Seller on Amazon. It comes with a stand that is easily assembled. The weights themselves are very colorful and look good in any room.

This dumb bell set has 2 pound, 3 pound and 5-pound dumb bells. If you are more intermediate you can also get these with 3, 5 and 8 pounds. Start today if you want to build and keep your strength. Building muscle has been my single best thing I have done for my fitness to get really strong.

It is never too late to get stronger. Don’t forget, a woman begins to lose muscle at 30 and at 50 the loss is twice as fast.

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I like to hear from readers to find out if I have helped you so please leave me a comment or if you have a question.





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  1. I think this is a very effective article that targets people who are not normally active! I feel as though you have considered the practicality of the exercises that you are suggesting and encouraging people to start small and even build there way up once they gain an interest! Good article

    1. Hi Olly,

      Thanks for your comment. 

      You are correct, there are so many folks that are  not normally active! My goal is to get people up and moving and doing something to keep muscle. 

      You must start small and work your way up when lifting weights. I actually started with dumbbells and now am lifting pretty heavy with quite a few reps. I am going to Les Mills Bodypump classes. If you know anything about them, they are not easy!

      If you know any women over 50 (men actually lose muscle as they age too) please encourage them to do something to keep strong as they age.

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    Thanks for writing this inspiring post. I did not realise that we lose muscle when we turn 50. It is great to think that if we do something as simple as use some dumbbells that it would have such a positive impact on our overall health. I agree with you that you are never to late to get stronger.
    Thanks for inspiring me to do more and be more!

    1. Hi Glenys
      Thanks for your comment. We actually begin losing muscle when we hit 30. At 50 that process accelerates!
      Dumbbells are a great place to start. The benefits will surprise you. I hope you get started today. You will begin to feel good, look good and get stronger.

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