Buy an Ab Roller: Ab rollers work not only the six-pack and obliques but also work your back and arms increasing overall strength

Buy an ab roller

Product: Ab Roller Price: $ 8.95 up Best place to buy an ab roller: Amazon Overall star review: 4.5 Want to get a great strengthening workout? Then ==>buy an Ab Roller. Ab Roller wheels – what are they? The Ab Roller is a simple piece of  ab equipment that some say could be gimmicky. However, if you have every tried one, you will quickly see that it can give you…


Is Sitting Down The New Smoking – It Could Be

Is Sitting Down The New Smoking?

Is sitting down the new smoking? It could be if you are sitting down too much. Sitting could be harming your health and increasing your risk for diseases like Cancer, diabetes, and dementia. In the world we live in where there is not that much need to be active to survive, it’s smart to be proactive and stay active no matter what age. How much of your waking hours do…


Get Abs after 50 – do this everyday

get abs after 50 - do this everday

What if I told you that you can indeed get rid of the belly fat and you can get abs after 50, not just abs but great abs. It really doesn’t matter what your age is but women (and men) who are 50 and older tend to have a harder time getting the tummy off and their abs shapely. I have found this interesting workout and it is a great…


Review of Yoga Burn System – getting rid of Belly Pooch?

Review of Yoga Burn System - getting rid of Belly Pooch

This is my review of the Yoga Burn System – getting rid of belly pooch is the goal! Does the Yoga Burn system do this? Product: Yoga Burn Creator: Zoe Bray Cotton Price: $37 for digital download and Physical collection. $57 for 2 digital downloads and 2 Physical collections. Guarantee: 60 day money back if not satisfied. There is a toll-free number to call or send them an email and…


Ab Workout Routine for Women at Home – Easy and it works

plank - ab workout routine for women at home

If you want to get you abdominal muscles strong, firm and in shape fast try this easy ab workout routine for women at home.  These moves don’t take a lot of time and they actually work wonders on your lower abs. With the added benefit of a change in eating habits, you can get strong super lean abs at home. If you need something to help you push the plate…


Walking Fat Off – Women over 50 Bust Belly Fat

walk fat off

Even the mainstream media now are reporting how women are now walking fat off. The goal is to reduce weight and walking does it effectively. Just walking 20 – 40  minutes a day can boost metabolism enough to lose a significant amount of weight even when keeping the caloric intake the same. To get a smaller waist wear an ab workout belt while you are walking. If that’s not enough…


Abdominal fat after 50


Abdominal Fat after 50 – What can you do? If you have been struggling with abdominal fat after 50 you are not alone. I have the same problem along with many others. Abdominal fat occurs when  you eat too many calories and are inactive and  also when your hormones are out of balance. For a women, once you reach the age of around 50 or sometimes earlier (depending on when…