Ab Workout Routine for Women at Home – Easy and it works

If you want to get you abdominal muscles strong, firm and in shape fast try this easy ab workout routine for women at home.  These moves don’t take a lot of time and they actually work wonders on your lower abs.

With the added benefit of a change in eating habits, you can get strong super lean abs at home. If you need something to help you push the plate back read my review of Capsiplex and my review of Green Tea Fat burner.

The Best Lower Ab Routine

This is the best routine to get your abs in shape really quickly. Try to do this routine everyday. If you miss a day it’s ok just get back on tract. That’s the key, do them often preferably each and every day.

The abdominal muscles are the only muscles in your body that benefit from exercising every day. You can also wear an ab belt while doing housework or daily chores.

Let’s Go!

The focus is on the lower abdominal area where women over 50 tend to get the “pooch”

  1. Leg Lifts – Lye on your back and keep you lower back on the floor. While keeping your lower back on the floor, lift your legs then lower them. Do this slow and controlled. Your hands are at your side palms down on the floor. Do 15 to 20 repetitions.ab workout routine for women at home
  2. Planks – For this one start on your knees and elbows with your body in a straight line then lift onto your toes if you are able. You may do this on your knees but if you want more (and more works) get on your toes and elbows. Keep your buttocks low. Your body is in a straight line. Hold for as long as you can. plank - ab workout routine for women at home
  • A great variation of the plank is to turn to the side bringing one arm up elbow bent. You can start on the side of the knees if you can stay on your feet. Do 4 – 6 repetitions on each side or more if you are able.

side plank - ab workout routine for women at homeThese 2 moves may be difficult at first and if you are not used to working out your abdominal muscles. Keep working at it and it gets easier. Work for what you want, it’s worth it. You are building beautiful abs.

  • Once you master these two planks. Try raising the top leg when you are on your side. Raise hand to the ceiling on on you hip at the same time. This move is advanced but very effective if you can manage it. practice, practice, practice.side pland leg raise - ab workout routine for women at home If you tend to lose balance place hand on elbow. Hold.

ab workout routine for women ant home

The plank and variations I have given you so far are excellent to do daily. It shouldn’t take you very long to do these moves. Maybe 5 -10 minutes.

Want more? Alternating side leg plank

  • Do the basic plank bringing each leg out to side alternating legs. Do as many repetitions as you can or 15 – 20.

plank leg to side - ab workout routine for women at home

  • Variation – legs stable get up on hands then walk hands to one side then middle then the other side. Do as many as you can.

Want even more? Alternating arm and leg plank

Do a  plank then raise up on hands. Reach with right hand straight out while lifting left leg. Alternate to left hand straight out and right leg lifted.ab workout routine for women at homeGo on add my favorite: The Mountain Climber.

mountain climber plank - ab workout routine for women at home

These will be very hard if you haven’t practiced. However, with practice, makes perfect – Abs that is! The plank is the best in my opinion to get your lower abdomen to pull in and become firm and flat.

The time you hold and make each move should increase each time you do these. The goal is to fatigue the muscle. Each exercise or variation works different muscle fibers. You can also ad an ab roller if you want to rev it up and get those sexy beach abs.

I hope you do these and your new flat super looking abs! If you have any variation to add or a comment about this article on ab workout routine for women at home, I would love to hear from you. Just leave me a comment below.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, although I am not a woman it was still a good read.

    Anything fitness I enjoy reading especially about abs because it is so hard to achieve a 6 pack unless you have very low body fat percentage.

    I really liked that you said you can exercise the abs everyday because many say doing the same muscle group everyday is not beneficial.

    Is this also beneficial for men to do? But I really liked reading this and it provided me with extra knowledge on the subject. I really enjoy leg lifts and planks. they are great exercises.

    1. Hi J-money,

      Thanks for your comment. You are right, it helps to have very little fat especially in the abdominal area for a 6 pack. This is hard to achieve for so many people. The 6 pack is a great goal. It requires pushing the sugar bowl away!

      However, for a women over 50 a nice flattened and toned abdominal area just makes you look so much nicer in your clothes. A “poochy” stomach is just not desirable!

      Yes men do benefit from these very same exercises. The abdominal area is really the only muscle group that does receive more benefit of a daily workout. It’s good to mix it up but if you were to do these everyday, I think you would be surprised at your progress and the way you feel about your abs.

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