Best Electric Muscle Stimulator – Top 10 Muscle Stimulators for 2018

woman using muscle stim while at ciomputer - best electrical muscle stimulators

Best Electric Muscle stimulators – Top Ten 2018 These won’t break the bank and most have not only TENS capabilities but also EMS  Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is a proven technique to strengthen muscles, rehab muscles, prevent muscle atrophy and relieve pain. EMS targets motor nerves and TENS targets sensory nerves. The Tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve … Read more

Best Home Treadmill Review – Top Ten Home Treadmills

 Top Ten Treadmills For Home Use in 2018 It is so convenient to have a Treadmill at home. I don’t go to the gym every day and you probably don’t either or you may not even go to the gym but rely on home and outdoors for your workout activities. This best home treadmill review is … Read more